Feeding Your Family Whole Food On $250 A Month



Hi All, This is from the clever Stephanie from KEEPER OF THE HOME lovely blog. Our family has lived in the USA and we have vacationed in beautiful Canada and food prices are pretty affordable. I can tell you that food costs in New Zealand and Australia is astronomical and it would be be almost impossible to feed a family of five on $250 a month. BUT Stephanie’s frugality can be done by anyone. We currently live on a little farm and are able to swap sheep grazing for yummy meat that we otherwise could never afford. When we lived in a city apartment that kind of thing wasn’t possible and were frugal in other ways. I hope that no matter where you live Stephanie’s tips will help you with the monthly food budget. Enjoy ~ Sarah xxx

For Stephanie’s blog click KEEPER OF THE HOME

Great DIY – Totes

Don’t you just love this idea? These totes are from Torba You could use the same idea for monogramming pillow cases, cushions and various art work. I haven’t made them yet… but these totes look cute, and fun which is always a great combination for any DIY project.

Enjoy ~ Sarah xxx