Great DIY – Totes

Don’t you just love this idea? These totes are from Torba You could use the same idea for monogramming pillow cases, cushions and various art work. I haven’t made them yet… but these totes look cute, and fun which is always a great combination for any DIY project.

Enjoy ~ Sarah xxx


3 thoughts on “Great DIY – Totes

  1. Is it just black paint used on the doily? Or spraypaint? What would work best? I would love to do this for a friends birthday.

    • Hi Angie,
      I wouldn’t spray paint. I think the spray would go everywhere and leave little dots on your project. I reckon careful brushing and or sponging paint on will work better. You may want to do a test because some fabric might bleed the paint, depending on paint and fabric. I think dabbing paint would work best. Fabric paint would be excellent, although I have used acrylic paint on fabric before and it worked for me. Anyhoo…. All the best with your project. Your friend will love your gift 😀

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