1 Pastors Wife Life



My Thoughts On A Pastorswife Life…

Giving God all the glory,
Only through Him is anything possible,
Not by my strength only through His,
Praising Jesus for being my Saviour,
So thankful for a loving and Godly husband,
Being grateful for real Godly friendships,
Humbly able to point the lost to Jesus,
Joy in holding a new born baby,
Humbled in holding a dying ones hand,
Wrapping arms around a family’s loss,
Being still in His presence,
Praying through funerals, weddings and sermons,
Mopping up blood from a young woman, who has lost her way,
Corralling children so they don’t walk through their own mama’s blood,
Picking up and dropping off,
Phoning ambulances, police, doctors, fire fighters and snake catchers,
Knowing where the hospitals are but forgetting how to get to the supermarket,
Moving to different countries across continents because He leads,
Open doors for announced men, women and children who need a safe place to be,
Worship leading with head aches and thankful for God’s grace of endurance,
Lavished with gifts of love, kindness and needed things,
Leading bible study to those who would rather hurt and gossip than learn more about Jesus,
Teaching and learning with those who already know, but refuse to do,
Being thankful for the real ones, who do learn and grow along with me,
Listening and hearing,
Being the secret keeper,
Finding a home for the homeless to rest a while,
Filling empty homes with food, furniture, laughter and fun,
Clothing little ones who have nothing,
Sharing the love of Jesus,
Humbly being able to give those aching souls hope, friendship, bibles and books,
Living in a place of change, where one moment there are raging fires and the next there are the floods or shaking ground,

Keeping close to the One who calms the storms,
Grateful that my God is a big God, far bigger than any storm,
Middle of the night babysitting for a family who is all alone,
Having hope where the world says there shouldn’t be any,
A Mum with empty arms has a friend and flowers to hold,
Realising that Christian men and women can be mean and kind at the same time,
Asking God to help me through the hurt,
Thankful for a Healer who heals the wounded,
Trying to always be better and never bitter,
Being thankful for the Lord’s guidance, discernment and strength,
Listening & loving the neighbour in pain who has been hurt by Christian brothers and sisters,
Being a Christian neighbour who doesn’t hurt, who gives and doesn’t take,
Believing in the miraculous,
Being unpopular by standing up for those who have been hurt and beaten down,
Being beaten down and staying silent for Jesus,
Praying while arrows fly at my husband and kids,
Grateful for God’s shielding love,
Letting Jesus heal the hurt so grace may flow on,
Knowing I make mistakes and I am imperfect,
Knowing God loves me perfectly,
Being forgiven and being able to forgive,
Leaving unhelpful baggage in the past,
Ever moving forward,
A heart of praise,
Thankful for being given more compassion and grace than is humanly expected,
Falling in love with God’s Word again and again, year after year,
Letting go when you want to hold on,
Being hurt and finding God’s way is always the best way,
Broken and whole at the same time & still humbly allowed to help the hurt and broken ones anyway,
Knowing God has my back no matter the circumstance,
Worshiping my Lord & Saviour,
Surrounded by God’s love , mercy & grace – always,
Open arms for what God has planned next,
Knowing God’s love and goodness,
So blessed,
Blessed beyond measure.