DIY – How To Transfer Designs to Wood Using Newsprint



This is such a clever and simple idea I thought I better reblog it before I forgot all about it. I was going to use the charcoal method. That is where you draw with a charcoal pencil on the back of your design and then when you press over the front of your design onto your project the charcoal makes an outline for you to follow. Then I saw Lindsay’s idea so I will give that a go. Please go to Lindsay’s blog HERE for her tutorial. Hope you are having a lovely day!
Blessings ~ Sarah


How To Transfer Designs to Wood Using Newsprint
1. Print out your design and cut away the excess white space. Tape the top of your design to the painted or primed wood in the location you want to transfer the design.

2. Lift up the design and slide a page of newsprint underneath it. The classified pages and stock market pages work best, as there is a lot of small newsprint all over the page. Make sure that the entire design is underneath the newsprint.

3. With a pen or pencil (preferably a pink one with your name on it like you are 6 years old) , trace the outline of your design directly onto the paper. Press firmly, but you don’t have to go overboard with the pressure.

4. Remove the taped design and newsprint to reveal a light transfer underneath! I have turned up the contrast on this photo so that you will be able to see the transfer.

5. With your pencil (or with a paintbrush if you are way more talented than me), trace the transfer directly onto the wood.

6. Admire the beauty of your transfer, and then get busy painting!