The real role of a Pastor’s Wife is…

to love her God with all her heart mind and soul. To love, pray and support her husband and children. To stand in the gap when Daddy is busy doing “God stuff.”

It is easy to love many of the members of our church who are wonderful, encouraging and a “true” God send. But it is also my role to forgive, support, care for and love those few who complain, moan, gossip, who are plain nasty to me and my loved ones. I know… are you shocked? Well, me too, and yep it really and actually does happen. See no one is perfect but our God.

Being a Pastor’s Wife or “PW” is more than a label. I guess for those people that haven’t been a PW it maybe hard to understand the daunting PW role. I can encourage you to pray for your Pastor and his family. They (we) need encouragement, kindness and loads of prayer. A lot of the things I do as PW, I can’t actually wrap words around, so those will go unspoken/unwritten. Needless to say they are varied from cleaning to worship leading.

Really as a PW I try to just minister to others and serve God in His strength and not my own. Cause I am an imperfect PW loving my Lord and Saviour and simply journeying along in life per suing my awesome, wonderful and absolutely perfect God.