Is the written word disappearing in our digital culture?


I stumbled upon an article that got me thinking. I don’t completely agree with everything in this article but it certainly is fuel for thought. The article is here

As a family we are fairly digital. When we travel the iPad is essential for e-mail and booking hotels etc. We take along our ipod’s or ipad to use for maps, reading magazines, movies and books. At church our bibles are in our little iPods with lots of different translations. My husband often uses the iPad for his notes for teaching at church. My retro hard copy bible is neglected even with it’s enticing gorgeous green alligator cover and it simply sits in its bible case and is rarely used these. I use both my ipod and ipad daily for bible reading, watching movies and other bible studies. I am simply overjoyed having a carzillion bible translations at the tip of my fingers and with a push of a button I have answers. Even if it is looking all Greek to me I can usually have it translated in a blink of an eye, right there and then.

Our family loves to read and now we mostly read e-books and we try not to buy hard copy books if at all possible. Infact recently we have been giving away and selling our hard copy books and will eventually buy e-books to replace them all. We live in a small house and space has been at a premium and priority over books and lots of bookcases. With being in ministry we also move location frequently and filling and dragging boxes of books has become increasingly arduous. A couple of hard drives is much easier to pack and move than boxes and bookcases. Some home education stuff has to be hard copy and it can’t be avoided. Which has it’s good points and some bad points. Over priced postage for school books irritates me to no end. But then when a beautiful hard copy school book arrives and it smells all fresh, it is all bookish and new, it is a joy to use.

Hmmmm… I wonder if our family would ever go completely digital? I think we will always want some books in retro written book form… maybe?