You know that…

you have married a wonderful man when…

  • he remembers your wedding anniversary and birthday without you leaving notes around the house or sending him emails.
  • he (sometimes) lets you warm up your cold feet by putting them on him 🙂
  • he gives you a rose for every year you have been married on your wedding anniversary AND doesn’t give you a rose for every year of your life for your birthday!
  • he worries how he will afford buying roses on your 50th wedding anniversary.
  • he loves you and you love him more than the day you were married.
  • he makes you coffee every morning.
  • he writes you love notes in cards.
  • he puts my needs and the children’s needs ahead of his own everyday.
  • he see’s past the wrinkles to your heart.
  • he is the God-given father and teacher of your children.
  • he loves you enough to let you be who God made you to be.
  • he can be trusted with your heart.
  • he laughs at your dumb jokes.
  • he understands you when you haven’t said a word.
  • he never leads where I am unwilling to follow.
  • he loves me more than anyone on earth.
  • when there is not enough time or space to write about how wonderful your husband truly is …