DIY – Photo Bunting



I found this on PINTEREST and thought what a great idea for sharing memories for an Anniversery or a special Birthday Celebration. There wasn’t a link to a how to make it but I reckon you could use some printing canvas or thick card and print your photo on it and then make into cute photo bunting! Ages ago I bought some A4 sheets of printing canvas from Aldi and it worked very well. You will want to convert your photo into black and white, and then sharpen, and then contrast your pic and print. Or alternatively pop into a printing shop and let a professional do it for you!
~ Sarah xxx

DIY – Awesome Easy Handmade Gifts In JARS


    Here are some links to awesome easy handmade gifts In JARS!!!! Our family has been giving home made gifts for a while. We want Christmas to be about the joy of giving. We also LOVE to give gifts from COMPASSION , SAMARITANS PURSE and other great places. There is great joy in giving gifts to those in real need! AND there is also a huge blessing in sharing gifts and showing your love to your family and friends!!! The one thing is you want your gift to be awesome and not a gift where anyone wants to have a little groan! You know those gifts…? 🙂 So below I have popped some links to great gifts in jar tutorial websites for you. Many of them have cute free printables too. I hope you find them useful. I wish you many blessings during this holiday season!
    ~ Sarah xxx


20121214-121846.jpgPUNK ROCK COOKIES

20121214-122351.jpgCOWGIRL COOKIES

20121214-123039.jpg PIE IN A JAR

20121214-123748.jpg PAMPER YOURSELF

20121214-124228.jpg SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE

20121214-124906.jpg QUICK BREAD

20121214-130405.jpg SEWING KIT

20121214-130812.jpg SNOW BALL SOAP

20121214-131808.jpg PLAY CLAY

20121214-132909.jpg CHOCOLATE NUT COOKIES

20121214-133155.jpg CUPCAKES