A Thousand Little Things

There is certainly a thousand little things to be thankful for. Here at night it is dark, you know the kind of dark that even when your eyes are open it is still pitch black. There are no street lamps. Only tranquility, peace and rest. This morning I woke to views of farm land, horses with their winter coats shining in the sun and gorgeous views. We have hills and then beautiful mountains jutting out behind the hills. The air still and crisp to let you know winter is on its way soon. The mountains are extraordinarily beautiful, they are jagged and rough. These mountains aren’t looming or gloomy. In this tiny little cottage when you look through any window you get a picture perfect view. When I woke there was a light fog that was slowly rolling away while the sun rise was rolling in for another glorious God given day. God is good and if we are willing to look and listen we can here Him tell us He loves us! And here in this little cottage, you know He loves you. You can see His love with every God created view. I hope you enjoy this Point of Grace song and feel the love.
~ Blessings, Sarah xxx