Local Harvest


There is nothing like eating fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden! We have lived in little apartments with only a little balcony to grow a few things. We have also lived on a farm. We had a huge orchard and a big veggie patch. But not everyone has the space, time or energy to garden. When we lived on the farm our neighbor had a little strawberry farm and sold strawberries at the gate. We have had chickens and have hand reared lambs (didn’t eat them). They now live on another farm with a Potter and a Writer and they aren’t going to eat them either. Although I have no problem with people loving and looking after animals well and dispatching them in a humane way. Each person is different and we all have choices to make.

We are currently living by a lake in a little house and have grown potato’s and herbs etc. BUT we are moving overseas again and we don’t know at this stage what kind of place we will be moving to. Could be a tiny apartment or a suburban house. Time will tell. I do love nature and my heart longs to grow my own fruit, vegetables and have a few chooks in the yard. However if there is no space then I will happily buy our eggs, fruit & vege at the local organic farmers markets or have a box delivered to my door.

Anyhoo… The point of this post is really to share this LINK I am blown away by the Local Harvest website and had to share it with you. This is for Australia BUT there may be similar websites for your local area. They have a place where you type in your area and it tells you where the local organic markets are they also show you where your local shops and even closest veggie box can be ordered from. They are a fantastic resource!

Supporting local farmers markets helps keep your food bill down, helps local farmers get a fair price for their produce and it also keeps your beautiful family healthy too. My eldest daughter just told me how she is getting organic almond milk, bread in a veggie box delivered to her door each week and how she loves it. She remembered when we had veggies delivered to our home at different times and in different places. I hope you too can enjoy lovely local produce. Blessings ~ Sarah xxx

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