DIY – Awesome Easy Handmade Gifts In JARS


    Here are some links to awesome easy handmade gifts In JARS!!!! Our family has been giving home made gifts for a while. We want Christmas to be about the joy of giving. We also LOVE to give gifts from COMPASSION , SAMARITANS PURSE and other great places. There is great joy in giving gifts to those in real need! AND there is also a huge blessing in sharing gifts and showing your love to your family and friends!!! The one thing is you want your gift to be awesome and not a gift where anyone wants to have a little groan! You know those gifts…? 🙂 So below I have popped some links to great gifts in jar tutorial websites for you. Many of them have cute free printables too. I hope you find them useful. I wish you many blessings during this holiday season!
    ~ Sarah xxx


20121214-121846.jpgPUNK ROCK COOKIES

20121214-122351.jpgCOWGIRL COOKIES

20121214-123039.jpg PIE IN A JAR

20121214-123748.jpg PAMPER YOURSELF

20121214-124228.jpg SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE

20121214-124906.jpg QUICK BREAD

20121214-130405.jpg SEWING KIT

20121214-130812.jpg SNOW BALL SOAP

20121214-131808.jpg PLAY CLAY

20121214-132909.jpg CHOCOLATE NUT COOKIES

20121214-133155.jpg CUPCAKES

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