DIY – How to Make Tape From Wrapping Paper



This is from COUNTRY LIVING magazine. I like the idea of popping your tape on vintage spools. I have often made this kind of tape for putting on gifts to decorate paper, cards and also for scrapbooking but not to pop on spools. Such a cute idea to use vintage spools and always have some tape ready to go. Enjoy!
~ Sarah xxx
What You’ll Need
To make rolls of pretty tape, round up your favorite patterned wrapping paper, and purchase double-side mounting adhesive ($44.85 for 11″W x 50’L roll; Or use double sided tape. You’ll also need a new or vintage spool, available for mere pennies on

Step 1: Cut a Strip of Paper
Measure the height of the spool’s core between the wheels; then using an X-Acto knife and working on a cutting mat, cut a strip of wrapping paper to that width and a length of three feet.

Step 2: Add Adhesive
Next, unroll the mounting adhesive to expose one of its sticky sides. Carefully lay the paper strip on top of the adhesive and press down, sealing it in place. Using an X-Acto knife, cut the tape out.

Step 3: Attach to Spool
To attach the tape to a spool, trim away a small piece of the backing at one end of the tape, then press the exposed area against the spool.

Step 4: Finish
Wind the tape around the spool and secure by looping a piece of thin silver wire through the center of the spool, then twisting the ends together atop the tape.




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