Recipe – Lasagna Cups

What a fantastic idea from Lauren, she is a genius! Please go to her blog HERE she has wonderful recipe’s just waiting for us to try. Hope you enjoy making this one.
~ Sarah

Lasagna Cups




Don’t these scream “Eat me! Eat me!”?

5 thoughts on “Recipe – Lasagna Cups

    • The tops did get a little dry. But not too bad. I think next time I will put a lasagna noodle on top then add cheese on top of that and I think it will keep more moisture in.

  1. I love making ‘mini’ or ‘individual’ anythings, and lasagne is one of my favourites so I will definitely be trying this recipe out!

    • I like making individual little things too. I think this recipe would be great in ramekins as well. Oh… I found a fantastic crock pot lasagna recipe which would be great when we have big crowds around and less time consuming like the little individual portions. Hope your lasagna turns out scrumptious!

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