8 thoughts on “Life is Like A Cup of Coffee

  1. Thank you for this. Too many of us want what we want and when we get it, we can’t figure out why we wanted it in the first place.

    Had I been at the coffee clatch, I would have gone one of two ways. I may have picked a beautiful china cup, but then I may have gone for the paper cup. As people, we snatch up what is nicest, with out asking if another wants it. That’s the pity of the human being. Always wanting to be first or have the best. And not caring for the needs of others.
    Ghank you for this… It is a reninder to all that we should wake up and smell the coffee, savor the aroma, and contemplate on what is sacred, the right thing to do, and on a strong sense of being.

    We want what is nice. But we don’t need it. We need food, water, shelter, and sleep. We want name brands, lables, and chic.

    If you want to be admired, do something valueable to or for someone else. That is how admiration is born. Not by what you have or what you have gained in life.

    This video will be embedded in my blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Carla,
      Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you! Wouldn’t the western world be a better place if we could be happy and love what we have rather than keep wanting more. Actually that attitude would also impact third world countries too. Glad you liked the post. Have a lovely day!

    • No worries Andrea. I am completely amazed at how many people do read my blog and send off a personal email to me. I’m not into posting how many people subscribe to my blog and how many views etc. I’m so pleased that when I look at my wordpress dash board it has all the stats there for me to see privately. I’m just glad we can all share and learn from each other together on our journey through life.

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