Hi Ya,
Here is a photo of our families Christmas stockings hanging on a ladder. I handmade our stockings (cross stitched names and pictures & used quilting and lined them) they are super strong for heavy items. I have extra stockings for guests and more hooks on our ladder for as many people as we have over. Below is a list of some of the things I have put in my kids Christmas stockings. Now they are older they still love it and it has become a family tradition. We often have guests visiting at Christmas and they get the same gifts too. Christmas is summer vacation time and kids are out of school. The visitors seem to enjoy the stockings and giggle as much as the kids still do.


1. Fun toothbrush
2. Enormous or a super tiny tube of toothpaste
3. Chips (crisps) in a tube like Pringles
4. Chewing gum
5. Lollies (candy) often I pop in lollie necklaces or bracelets
6. A can of fizzy (pop) or a juice box
7. Sunscreen lotion (It is summer at Christmas time in Australia)
8. Lip balm
9. Miniature games
10. Jandals (flip flops/thongs)
11. Packet of handy tissues
12. Small joke books
13. Mini or tiny anything that you think the person your giving to will enjoy

Below is a link to more gift idea’s. I hope you get some awesome idea’s and visit Jenna’s blog. Jenna’s list will cover everyone, young and old, male and female.
~ Sarah xxx

Jenna’s Blog HERE

One thought on “CHRISTMAS IDEAS

  1. Beautiful stockings. Your children will treasure all the happy memories you are making. Good idea to hang your stockings on a ladder. I would not have thought of doing that.

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