There are some folk who want to be creative but give up because there first attempt isn’t perfect. So they never paint that painting they have always wanted to paint. Or they never try baking or cooking that certain tricky dish. Or perhaps they never finish that article or book they have always wanted to complete. Or never plant the garden they want. I started creating when I was quite young out of necessity. I couldn’t afford to buy curtains for my oldest sons bedroom so I made them out of duvet or quilt covers and by chance they matched his bedding. At the time it was cheaper to make curtains out of bed linen. My friends all wanted to know where I got such beautiful linen. My daughter loved to follow in her brothers footsteps but her clothing didn’t so I made her a bunch of long pants with matching trim on her sweatshirts to play rough and tumble. My friends would ask where I bought her clothes as they wanted to buy some for their girls. I couldn’t afford to buy woolen jumper for my oldest son so I learn’t how to knit as it was cheaper to buy balls of wool than a pre made jersey for him. This was when we lived in the cold south Island of New Zealand. A friends mum use to buy second hand woolen adult jerseys and cut them down with her overlocker and make woolen trousers and jumpers for her Granddaughter. You use the sleeves as legs and you put elastic in for a waistband. So simple. When I was given a secondhand overlocker and did the same for my children when they were small. It mean’t that when it was cold they could still play outside and it didn’t matter if their clothes got dirty. The first house I bought was a run down cottage. I barely scraped together enough money for a down payment and couldn’t afford art work. So I painted a couple of huge sunflowers on calico fabric and framed my art. It was by no means perfect but it brightened the space in our first home. To this day the kids wouldn’t let me throw out the sunflower painting and it proudly hangs in my daughters flat/house. God is creative and He made us creative too, don’t give up when your art is not perfect. It takes time and practice to get good at doing your thing. Or time to accept that type of art isn’t your “cup of tea”. Or time to accept when your art is as good as it ever will be and learn to love the imperfections. Hope you have a wonderful and creative day!

All credit due to Ira Glass who is the voice of the video.

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