Unceasing Prayer

I enjoyed reading this I hope you will too.


Unceasing prayer
Is not found in continual prayers,
Not in mystical rapture.

Unceasing prayer
Is not found in any time, or place, or action;
It embraces all times, all places, all actions.

Unceasing prayer
Is the flow of life…
Life lived in the quality of prayer.

Unceasing prayer
Is to preserve a tranquil spirit,
Constant in reverant, attentive love for God,
Ever sustained by a confident hope in him,
Surrendering to Him in all the actions,
Events, and circumstances of life,
Always giving thanks with joy
From a contrite heart.

From the unpublished notes of Rev. William Wilson, OCSO
New Melleray Abbey, 1973

4 thoughts on “Unceasing Prayer

  1. Loved this post. “Surrendering to Him in all actions, events, and circumstances of life…” Not so easy to do. But gets easier as I grow older. He’s always trustworthy!

    • Thanks Alva Lee.

      I have a ways to go with surrendering everything. Ya want to hold just a little bit back … but that is normally the very thing God wants us to surrender. One day maybe when I’m 70 or so I might just have cracked the surrendering thing? Blessings 2 u 🙂

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