Shoes, shoes, shoes

I was packing up my shoes today.  Isn’t it amazing how many pairs of shoes you collect over time!? Our family left New Zealand to live in the USA I only had two pairs of water proof shoes. We arrived in the winter time and I quickly needed shoes that could handle the snow and ice. That was easily done as they have incredible sales in the States especially compared to Australia and New Zealand. Before I knew it I had 14 pairs of shoes. They just seem to multiply in my wardrobe over night! I don’t think I’m the only woman that happens to 🙂

Anyway I found a pair of my very FIRST shoes I had for my FIRST professional job in the Theatre. I couldn’t bear to part with them. They even have a leather sole with teeny tiny nails in them.

Life’s a journey and if these shoes could talk I wonder what they would say? And who were the women who wore them and what had their lives been like. Were they hard working women? Maybe having to heat water in a copper to do the family laundry? Or perhaps shoes from a woman who had a maid to do that sort of thing? I wonder if they travelled on a boat from England to New Zealand?

I picked them up for props and they were worn on the stage. They are pretty old perhaps they are from the late Edwardian period maybe Victorian? I’m not too sure of their age but they are pretty old and scruffy.

I am thinking of restoring them and getting rubber soles put on them so I can wear them. I know that some people would think that is terrible to do that to old shoes. But it’s that or let them be unloved and unworn in my wardrobe….. hmmm?


Choosing Shoes
by Frida Wolfe

New shoes, new shoes,
Red and pink and blue shoes.
Tell me, what would you choose,
If they’d let us buy?

Buckle shoes, bow shoes,
Pretty pointy-toe shoes,
Strappy, cappy low shoes;
Let’s have some to try.

Bright shoes, white shoes,
Dandy-dance-by-night shoes,
Perhaps-a-little-tight shoes,
Like some? So would I.

Flat shoes, fat shoes,
Stump-along-like-that shoes,
Wipe-them-on-the-mat shoes,
That’s the sort they’ll buy.

One thought on “Shoes, shoes, shoes

  1. I think my shoes multiply in my cupboard as well. I love your blog and check to see if you have done updates regularly.

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