What kind of glasses do you wear…?

Today I was reading in Mark where Jesus is telling his disciples about how he will be leaving. James and John ask Jesus if they will sit beside him on the throne in heaven? Effectively James and John wanted to be with Jesus but they also wanted recognition and honour. They learn a lesson about how their lives, (and by extension also our lives) need to be completely focused on looking at everything with “Kingdom Eyes”. You know those scriptures about how “the first will be last” and “the last shall be first”. How we are to be servants and how Jesus came to serve and not to be served. Jesus gave his very life. Aren’t we suppose to do the same? Don’t we need to see our lives with Kingdom Eye’s and to see things as they truly are? If we focus on this world and on things in this world and look at life with earthly or worldly eyes, then we will always be disappointed. As Christians we don’t belong in this earthly kingdom we belong to God’s heavenly Kingdom and that is where our home is. It is not here on earth.

So do we live our lives to serve? In what manner do we serve God and in what way do we serve others? Or do we put ourselves first before serving God and others? Do we know what God’s will is for our lives and what he is wanting us to do? Do we know God well enough to know what he is wanting us to do and what he is wanting for our lives? Are we going to humble ourselves to be like Jesus and to serve as he served. Are we going to focus and see things as they really are with Kingdom Eye’s and give up our worldly wants, desires and live as Jesus did?

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with living in this world. There is nothing wrong with having good things either. God loves us and wants good things for his children. What I am suggesting is to take a closer look at ourselves to make sure we are on track and doing God’s will and not our own will. We need to try not to be caught up buying, thinking, doing or focusing on the wrong things. If you want to have Kingdom Eye’s then you have to start looking through the right pair of glasses. Not glasses of this world but with God’s Eternal Glasses.

3 thoughts on “What kind of glasses do you wear…?

  1. Hiya…reading the above has got me thinking. I myself have struggled at time to time with living in this world, especially being female – in the context of wanting more of the worlds ‘materialistic’ things, but I now have an understanding that as a Christian my life is not my own, I have surrendered it to Jesus, which means all my wants and desires now must line up according to God’s Will. What good is it to God if I have the “Latest and Greatest”, as time pasts things devalue anyway and what purpose does it serve? Only my own selfish and unsatisfied human nature. If you let it consume your mind, it becomes a god, as Jesus said, “You can’t serve two gods, you either love one and despise the other…whatever you choose to serve, (meditate upon) there your heart will be also”. I know Jesus encourages us to look toward him and not become distracted by the worlds enticements, they are here today and gone tomorrow. Anything you want is not here. This is not our “home”. Jesus is preparing us our home as we speak, that it is something “No eye has ever seen”. How exciting and what a reward. Let the world have its pleasures and luxuries…but I choose to wear my “kingdom glasses” and look forward to my God’s faithful promises. Matthew 6:31-33: “So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. L.O.L. x

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